Lainey Yehl | Graphic Design & Illustration

I am an artistic chameleon, I bend my style to fit any client’s needs and I love to tackle creative challenges that help businesses look great and grow their clientèle. From hand-painted signs to digital illustrations, from logos to newsletter layout, I tell great visual stories!

I bring rich design experiences to every new project. They are the backbone of my work ethic. My time working in retail gave me the opportunity to brainstorm mountains of ideas and curate the best. I had the joy of creating my own copy and imagery for each sale or product push. Even with multiple ongoing projects, I have superb time management skills, and the flexibility to make changes on the fly. I pride myself in creating clarity from an ambiguous vision.

In working with me, you’re promised an artist who is driven to succeed. I want to fully understand your goals for each project, and make sure the final piece delivers exactly what you want. I can help you get information to your audience in a succinct, readable manner. Whether it’s defining your brand with a thoughtful logo, illustrating an article with a striking image or designing an impressive publication, we will work together to build something beautiful. My goal is to make you, and your business, look good.

As a lover of the arts, I have a dream of making the world a more beautiful place. I want to make every restaurant menu aesthetically pleasing. Make every annual report look interesting. Make every illustration thought provoking!

What can I do for you? chalk signs, digital illustration, logos, publication design, newsletters, copywriting, portraits, custom artwork, retail artwork, drawing, painting, visual communications, tattoo designs, murals, and more!

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